Dragonfly in Milanese lace

Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Lace

This fall I attended two lace workshops in the Charlotte area.  Golden Bobbins hosted a workshop with Kumiko Nakazaki in October and a Milanese Lace workshop with Louise Colgan in November.  I haven't finished the Flanders piece I started at Kumiko's class, so no pictures yet of it.  I did however finish the Tulip I started at Louise's class.

This spring, we also had a Idrija workshop with Allie Marguccio, where I started a butterfly.  Its finally finished. 
Christmas is fast approaching, so I made an insert for my candle holder from the book "Lace for Ten Pairs" by Claire Burkhard.
And I have started an angel from "Angels in Russian Tape Lace" by Hanne Sonne..
I'm also doing a whole lot of knitting (see my Ravelry page for details).  I can't wait for Christmas!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Binche and Flanders Bobbin Lace Workshop with Kumiko Nakazaki

Hosted in Charlotte, NC by the Golden Bobbins lace guild

 Mary working on a Binche piece.
 My Flanders piece.
 Kumiko talking to Sumi.
 Myrriah designing Binche lace.
 Ann, our hostess, working on her Binche piece.
 Karen and Vickie working on Binche pieces in Ann's beautiful living room.
 Dawn, Marie and Marion working in the nice light from Lake Norman.
 Dawn and Marie.
 Dawn's Binche tulip.
 Our teacher, Kumiko Nakazaki, playing the violin during class!
 Spanish lace bobbins that Sumi bought this summer.
My Flanders piece. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Old Lace

 Venetian Gros Point Needlelace cuff
 Irish Crochet Collar
 Detail of Collar
Detail of Cuff
Thank you to Lee from our lace guild for these beautiful pieces.

Friday, August 7, 2015

My New Old Wheel

This week I bought an old spinning wheel at an estate sale in Great Falls, SC.  It is a Saxony style wheel, made by (Jean Baptiste) Aram Paradis, who lived in St. Andre, Kamouraska, Canada from 1857 to 1925.  It has a screw tensioning device, not the tilt tension that he used for his later CPW wheels (Canadian Production Wheels).  It has ARAM PARADIS  incised in the end of the table and some other (possibly random) marks on the top of the table. The wheel diameter is 22 inches and it has a C-shaped wheel crank. It seems to have all of its original parts, although one of the wheel uprights is cracked.  I wrapped it with cord to prevent the crack from widening while I research how to get it repaired.  I cleaned and waxed the wheel and installed a drive band, but it needs adjustments because whenever I treadle the band pops off.  The bobbin turns but the flyer sticks. The flyer turns when I turn it manually, but not when I turn the wheel.  The Antique Spinning Wheel forum and the CPW forum on ravelry.com have a lot of information about this type of wheel.  I purchased the ebook "Fabricants de Rouets:  Nineteenth Century Quebec Spinning Wheel Makers and their Twentieth Century Heirs 1850-1950" by Caroline Foty to learn more about the history.  I can tell that this is going to be fascinating.
 The flyer and bobbin assembly

 Screw tensioning

 Marks on the top of the table
 Maker's mark ARAM PARADIS
The hub of the wheel

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Idrija Lace Workshop April 2015

At Sumi's house in Charlotte with Allie Marguccio